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3rd Edition of International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics

March 27 -28, 2025

March 27 -28, 2025 | Singapore

Probiotics in Obesity and Weight-Loss

Probiotics in Obesity and Weight-Loss

Obesity has been linked to alterations in the gut microbiota's structure and function. Certain bacteria's abundance and diversity may boost energy harvesting and metabolic pathways that lead to obesity. As a result, the gut microbiota has emerged as a possible target for achieving optimal health. Probiotics have been found to alter the gut microbiota's composition, increase gut integrity, and reverse the microbial changes associated with obesity. Animal research demonstrated good benefits in obese models based on physical and physiological characteristics, metabolic and inflammatory indicators, and changes in gut bacteria diversity, however human studies are few and inconsistent. Researchers have discovered a link between body weight and gut microbes, such as bacteria, their genomes (genes), and the environment in which they live. Probiotic supplementation has been demonstrated to enhance weight loss and prevent weight gain in people, according to studies.

  • Probiotics and Metabolism
  • Gut Microbiota Composition and Function
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Weight Loss and Probiotics

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