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3rd Edition of International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics

March 27-29, 2025

March 27 -29, 2025 | Singapore

Personalised Probiotics

Personalised Probiotics

Personalized probiotics are revolutionising the gut health market, and they are the future of gut health optimization. When administered in sufficient proportions, probiotics are live organisms that are good to the host and provide health advantages. Their mechanisms of action include microbial community management, pathogen suppression, immunomodulation, epithelial cell proliferation, and gut barrier fortification. The popularity of probiotics in recent years has flooded the market, leaving consumers with hundreds of choices but no information. Traditional probiotic production methods rely on limited data or extrapolate data from a small sample size of healthy persons, making them unsuitable for our microbiomes. This probiotic is targeted at missing probiotic strains, enhancing the microbiome to produce a diversified and dynamic community that promotes inner harmony and general health. This is accomplished by eliminating harmful bacteria and optimising the gut environment so that beneficial microbes can grow and assist the host body.

  • Precision Probiotics
  • Intestinal Immunomodulation and Neuromodulation
  • Macronutrient Metabolism
PROBIOTICS 2025 Speakers
Speaker at Probiotics and Prebiotics 2025 - Shyamapada Mandal

Shyamapada Mandal

University of Gour Banga, India
Speaker at Probiotics and Prebiotics 2025 - Yasin Ozdemir

Yasin Ozdemir

Ataturk Horticultural Central Research Institute, Turkey
Speaker at Probiotics and Prebiotics 2025 - Nurinisa Esenbuga

Nurinisa Esenbuga

Ataturk University, Turkey
Speaker at Probiotics and Prebiotics 2025 - Suriyavathana Muthukrishnan

Suriyavathana Muthukrishnan

Periyar University, India

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