2nd Edition of International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics

June 19-20, 2023

June 19 -20, 2023 | Online Event

Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Probiotics Conferences

Dear conference visitors

it is an honour and pleasure to write a few welcome notes to this 2nd Edition of the International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics.

The global market for probiotics continues to grow with increasing consumer demand over the years. During the COVID-19 pandemic consumers have become more health conscious than ever. Consumer demand internationally is expected to increase further helping individuals meet their optimum health goals, from boosting their immunity and digestive health to helping with allergies and weight management. Because of the higher demand among consumers, probiotics have, for some time, been at the top of the regulatory agenda, resulting in more regulation. However, regulatory divergences still persist. In light of all this, companies need to keep current with this evolving regulatory environment to develop successful marketing strategies and identify upcoming business opportunities.

Yours Sincerely
David Pineda Ereno
DPE International Consulting

Welcome Message

Dear Participants

Probiotics-2023 | Rome, Italy

It is a pride for me to be together with the stakeholders of the probiotics and prebiotics sector. I wish this conference opens the doors of new ideas. Effective use of probiotics and prebiotics are important for both nutrition and protection from diseases. It will also ensure that they are produced at lower costs and to be used more widespread. In this way, it will increase profitability in food and pharmaceutical industry. Consumers will be able to purchase products containing high number of live probiotics at reasonable prices. For these reasons, new studies are needed in the field of probiotics. The PROBIOTICS 2023 conference will be an efficient platform where scientific shares that can meet the sector needs and consumer expectations. I wish the congress to have successful results and offer my respects to all participants.

Yours Sincerely
Yasin Ozdemir
Ataturk Horticultural Central Research Institute